Rules of Smoking Weed No One Talks About

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We are already in 2022 and weed still happens to be one of the most controversial topics out there. However, that doesn’t seem to affect its demand.


The number of online cannabis dispensaries has doubled in the last decade. Some people buy weed for recreational purposes, while others use it for medical reasons. No matter what you are using it for, buying it in bulk is always a good idea as it will reduce the cost.


Nowadays, you can easily buy weed online, without going through the hassle of visiting an offline store. But you must make sure that the online site is a reliable one.


The most common way of inhaling weed is through smoking. It has been practised for ages. But there are certain things or rules about smoking weed that nobody will tell you. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


  1. Choosing the best cannabis


There are different types of weed available and some of them are better than others. When buying cannabis, you should opt for Sativa, instead of Indica. This is only if you are purchasing it for smoking.


Cannabis sativa inspires you and uplifts your mood. But the problem is pure Sativa is rare to find. On the other hand, Indica is very common and can be easily identified due to its short, bushy, dense plants. If you cannot find pure Sativa, you should get a hybrid Sativa.


  1. Ditch the smoking pipe


Many would say that a smoking pipe is the best way to smoke weed. But that’s not true. Wooden pipes can be aesthetically pleasing, but it gives a very bad flavour. Also, the smoke is harsh.


On the other hand, glass pipes are expensive and fragile. If you drop them accidentally, they will break instantly. You will also find fancy ceramic pipes. But that’s not worth it either.


  1. Roll it right


Rolling the perfect joint may look easy. But in reality, it requires skills and practice. It requires a single sheet of rolling paper and about three grams of chopped weed to roll a perfect joint.


Some will say that glue and organic fibers are a necessity. But that’s not true. Also, you should avoid using filters as they remove THC, instead of particulates.


  1. Don’t ground it, chop it


When making a joint, you must nicely chop the weed and remove all the impurities. But some people tend to grind the buds, which is not the right thing to do. This will make the weed-less potent.


Instead of grinding it, you should chop it nicely on a glass surface. Then use a card to collect the dust and roll it into a joint. You may not get it right in the first few attempts, but you will get better with practice.


If you are smoking weed, you should do it right. Know how it’s done, the rules, and everything else. To enjoy the true high of cannabis, you need to make your research strong.