Learn More about Smurf LoL and How to Buy It

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Smurfing involves a high-level player creating a new account to play in games like LoL in order to easily deal with lower-ranked or inexperienced players. They can use their skill and knowledge of the game to have an advantage even though their beginning characters are low-level themselves.


Here’s the deal with Smurf lol. Smurfing is also a means for low-level players to ask for help from high-level players or top players who play professionally to level up their characters or account so that when they play, they’re playing with a high-level character or characters in mere weeks.


High-Level Method of Getting High-Level Characters


  • The Best Way to level Up: Busywork, farming, and grinding to get to higher levels won’t really get you the good stuff when it comes to League of Legends. As a novice, you have little to no idea what really constitutes a high-level character with all the best items. Let the experts handle it instead.


  • Let Top-Level Players Smurf for You: It’s understandable why you’d want to hire high-ranked players to play your new account for you in order to let them build it up for you so that you can enjoy LoL from the start rather than get through the grind of being a novice.


  • Get Rid of Arbitrary Wait Times:  The appeal of LoL smurfing involves getting rid of arbitrary wait times in order to get to the good stuff from the start. What’s more, a player who knows what they’re doing will build your character for you from scratch the right way without you assigning skills and points at all the wrong categories.


  • Doesn’t This Rob You of the Joy of Creating a New Character? Maybe. Perhaps in order to enjoy the whole LoL experience, it’s best that you undergo growing pains and learn from your initial mistakes. You have to earn your way to making a new character. This isn’t always the case though.


  • Sometimes Busywork is Just Busywork: Not everyone wishes to go through the grind of making a new character even if you’re experienced. It’s also for this reason that people buy Reddit accounts instead of waiting for karma limits to get hit from a fresh account.


  • Perhaps You Can Smurf Yourself? People who are bored with playing their high-level characters will tend to go smurfing themselves in order to feel the thrill of playing from the start, but it’s an unfair challenge because they’re mostly faced with newbies and novices instead of fellow smurfs.


  • Why Not Have Fun Now Instead of Later? A new account gets robbed of many things exactly because it’s new. It’d take a top player to play easier opponents until they can build their characters to a level that matches their own past experiences and past characters.


How to Buy a Smurf in LoL: In order to buy a Smurf in League, click the link above, browse their selection of accounts to find the best Smurf for your specific needs, click “Buy Now” if you wish to get random Smurfed accounts, then select a payment method prior to checkout.