How an Online Dispensary is Better than Offline Weed Stores?

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There is a great difference between online and offline cannabis stores. However, we can’t say which option is better. They both have their merits and demerits.

On the one hand, offline stores allow testing the product before purchasing it. Contrary to it, an online store deals with a variety of products. So, your selection depends on your budget and requirements.

Difference between both the platforms

Take a look at the top 5 differences for understanding the difference between offline and online dispensary.

1. Better prices

Online stores are ideal for budget-friendly customers. Prices of online stores are affordable because of their fewer overhead expenses. They are not required to pay the workers, no electricity bills and no shop rents.

2. Comfort

An online store provides the convenience to shop your drugs 24*7 from your home. Visit the dispensary by any portable device, type your requirements, make the payments and get the products on your bed.

Whereas, in offline stores, you have to wait for hours in line for your turn. Besides energy, this wastes your priceless time.

3. Products

Offline stores offer you what is available in the store. However, this is not the case with a legit online dispensary. Type, whatever you want and it will appear on the screen in a few minutes.

4. Expert advise

Unlike offline stores, online dispensaries have a team of experts to guide you on different matters. You can contact them anytime through numerous channels.

5. Freebies

This is the major benefit of shopping for your products from an online dispensary. For attracting their old and new customers, they provide different types of freebies. Some popular freebies are welcome and referral bonuses.

Besides dispensaries, freebies mean a lot for customers. It allows them to buy top-quality goods at the lowest prices.

Best place to buy weed online?

From a wide list, are you searching for a trusted weed store for purchasing weed products? One of the best places that provide high-quality weed products is Ganjawest. Take a look at this legit, trusted and reliable weed store.

1. Services

In the weed industry, this dispensary has the most robust logistic. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of this trusted store. So, they exchange your products if you are unsatisfied with them.

2. Products

This dispensary deals with a variety of weed products. You can get everything from concentrates to live resin. All of the products are offered in different shapes and sizes for providing you with a memorable experience.

3. Reviews

Nevertheless, reviews are great for attracting beginners or new clients. It received numerous positive reviews or feedbacks from its loyal clients.


In this article, we discussed why an online dispensary is better than an offline alternative. In addition to this, it is also explained which is the best store you must try for purchasing your products. However, before visiting the store, make sure that weed consumption is legal or permitted in your area.