Get the knowledge about golden teacher mushroom

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At first, let’s know golden teacher belongs to which species? So, it belongs to the species of psychedelic which is also known as psilocybe cubensis. It has two major elements that are Psilocin and psilocybin. The structure of this mushroom is like a fruit that has a cap cover. The center part of the mushroom is golden or yellowish. On the comparison of various other types of psilocybe cubensis, it was found that this mushroom has a larger cap that looks elegant. It has a thick base and also has gills that are either purple, brown, or white.

If you are a newcomer then you should start with the consumption of golden teacher mushroom, and you should consume it in the range of 1-2.5 grams. When you will finish consuming it you will feel happy and relaxed.

Know the best place to buy golden teacher mushroom

There are chances that you will not get it easily in a local market. So, if not in the local market then from where you should buy it? There is only one answer to this question and that is the online dispensary. You will get many benefits if you buy it from an online dispensary like –

  1. No legal issues – if you are residing in a country where it’s illegal to consume golden teacher mushroom, then you will not be able to find it in a local market. In this situation buying it online will allow you to consume it without getting dragged yourself into legal issues.


  1. Delivered at your place – when you buy it online you don’t have to go out for purchasing it because it is delivered at your place. This advantage you will not get in any local dispensary; you have to go personally to buy it.


  1. No risk to identity – if its consumption is not banned in your country, then also certain people in the society believes that the consumption of golden teacher mushroom is not good, and is not consumed by good people. Just think you have gone to market to buy it, and you got caught by these people. What will happen? Your name will get spoiled, and they will think that you are not a good person. So, if you want to save yourself from such problems then do choose an online dispensary because there nobody can catch you purchasing it.


  1. Offers – people who buy strains from an online dispensary get additional advantages and that they get discounts, freebies, and various offers.


  1. Affordable rates – the dealer of a local dispensary will not charge you the exact market price of the product. He will increase the price, and then he will sell to you. But in an online dispensary, you will get the product at the market price only.


No time barrier – when you buy it online you can order it anytime you want, even at midnight too. But when you want to go to buy it locally you can go only in the daytime.