5 Reasons to Invest in a Cat Tower for Your Cat

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Was it ever brought to your attention that cat towers are actually extremely advantageous to our feline pets’ health and well-being? The installation of a cat tower, in addition to providing high-quality food and fresh water, a clean litterbox, lots of affection, and a few toys, will provide several substantial benefits to Fluffy and his family. According to this article, your local veterinarian explains five persuasive grounds for purchasing a cat tower for your cat, Kitty.




It is practically guaranteed that a cat tower placed in front of a window with a view will keep your feline buddy occupied for several hours. We know that our feline companions are incredibly curious and like exploring, but once they leave the safety of your home, they are exposed to a variety of threats. Without having to worry about being attacked by predators, hit by a car, or exposed to other risks, Fluffy can experience a taste of the outside world.




A number of kittens have been recorded staring down at people from the top of bookcases, refrigerators, and other high-ceilinged structures, indicating that they prefer to perch on high objects.


Kitty kittens are little, and because they are perched on the ground, they have a limited view of their surroundings and their surroundings. They are also really entertaining to be around. Fluffy will benefit from being at a higher altitude because it will help her feel more secure and safe, and she will also benefit from having a better perspective of her surroundings from a more secure vantage point.




When was the last time you were astonished to find Fluffy scratching the corner of a sofa or chair? Kitty has an intrinsic drive to scratch, as Mother Nature has instilled in her since she was a kitten the importance of having manicures.


Those sharp little daggers in Fluffy’s claws aren’t just there to rip up your sofa; they’re also vital instruments for hunting, survival, and defense. Scratching posts are plentiful in the wild, thanks to the presence of trees. Cat towers are the next best thing when you’re stuck indoors!




Cats benefit from exercise on both a physical and mental level, which is why we should make time for them. Climbing, jumping, and playing on her tower can be enjoyable activities for your kitty companion to participate in. If Fluffy only climbs into the tower and promptly falls asleep, the experience will still serve to enhance her total activity level, as will the experience of being in it.




Fluffy, despite the fact that she is quite skilled at finding herself a comfy location to nap, does not rule out taking full advantage of her tower, especially if it happens to be directly in the path of her favorite sunbeam. Because our feline friends have a strong sense of comfort in limited, elevated settings, it is feasible that towers with one enclosed level will make shy cats feel more secure.